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Sleep Machine

The Butterscotch Library presents Sleep Machine, a vintage sample pack curated and composed by award-winning producer Dave James. Delve into a collection of 10 mesmerizing samples that pay homage to the classic ballads of 70's Soul music. This pack is an absolute gem for producers.

With Sleep Machine, you'll explore a nostalgic sonic palette laced with string arrangements, soulful flutes, haunting guitars, pianos/synths, and vocals. Everything performed and recorded with vintage neve processing for that extra warm punchy texture.   

With master clearance guaranteed, this pack also includes stems, over 40 one shots and compositions a minute long. Each sample is labeled with BPM and key information, and delivered in 24-bit WAV format, ensuring seamless compatibility with all major DAWs and samplers. Get ready to dive into the captivating world of Sleep Machine.

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Vintage Dreams

The Butterscotch Library presents Vintage Dreams. A classic soul sample pack inspired by the rare deeper cuts of the 70s. Vintage Dreams features 13 original compositions that draw inspiration from Jazz, Soul, and Fusion music from the early 1970s.

The samples were recorded and processed through vintage gear including neve and ssl preamps, as well as other vintage microphones. The collection features live drowned out hazy vocals, warm layered guitars, horns, pianos, synths and a variety of other instruments.

This gear was used to create an authentic texture and sound that pays homage to the early 1970s era. If you're a crate digger, consider this the stuff you would find on the back of the shelf! With every 16-bar loop included in this pack, there are stems plus over 50 one-shots for each instrument!

This pack will add something special to any project you are working on!

Regular price $39.99